canada's top 10 favourite cbc arts stories of 2016 - top 10 earbuds 2016

by:Bodio Electronic     2019-09-11
canada\'s top 10 favourite cbc arts stories of 2016  -  top 10 earbuds 2016
Instagram superstars, radical poets and the most beautiful (and disturbing)
Porcelain doll you have seen: this is 2016 at CBC art.
We reviewed the stories that are most important to you and collected videos to watch and share.
Whether you're reviewing your favorite short documents for the first time, these are our top 10 favorites this year. 10.
The artist collected 3,500 family photos to prove that Lee Zun Lee told us in February that "black love and black happiness are important "--Toronto-
The artist's work is being shown to the world.
We took the camera to his exhibition "fade resistance" at the Gladstone Hotel ".
From his 70 s to the present, Lee has collected photographs of the findings, polarizers, and snapshots of black families, which he has accumulated over the past few years.
In the video, he shared the ideas behind the project and revealed very personal stories that inspired it all.
RoundupWatch: 10 videos will change the way you look at the photos. The photographer collected photos of more than 3500 black families.
She's one of the biggest artists on Instagram, and it took her nearly-
On her second day at 30, Alex Gallant had a heart attack.
Almost killed her.
"I realize how everything is stuck, that's your heartbeat," she told CBC Arts at earlyarts . ".
During his recovery at a hospital in Toronto, Garant suddenly came to light.
Lying there she just wanted to paint
That's what she does once she gets better.
Today, her popular surrealism painting has received great attention on the Internet. (
On Instagram, for example, she has 70,000 followers. )The self-
Garant's portrait is described as "Queen of two eyes" and seems to have shaken-
For her, this is a "good reflection of passion in life ". "8. Dear Mr.
Prime Minister . . . . . . Filmed on the plains of the Peace River region, poet and activist Helen Nott published the poem to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, an open letter.
Her challenge to him was to remember her commitment to indigenous peoples.
"We will continue to fight," she said in the article . ".
"We will continue to rise like the holy smoke carrying the prayers of the valleys and grasslands, as we have done in the past 500 --
Because anyway, we're still here in case you don't notice. "7.
That's what happened when you asked a poet to write about Trump. S.
Election makes you speechless
That's why we let an oral artist share their reactions.
Toronto's shadiya Adid sent this original article to US President Donald Trumpk. a. "Mr.
President without documents
The first video in the "We call it" poetic licensing "series is expected to see more similar videos in 2017. Dear Mr.
The Prime Minister: The poet has said something to you about the license for indigenous rights.
President without credit: calling Trump through a spoken video this Canadian construction company creates a relaxed atmosphere
A spiritual retreat at the foot of andes6.
There is a glowing temple at the foot of the Andes Mountains, which was designed by Canadian architect Hariri pontalini, who spent 10 years developing one on the edge of the city of Santiago, Chile
In the evening, the structure will send a quiet light.
We went to the construction site with them and saw it with our own eyes and got to know their vision: "If it looks like a mosque, church or synagogue, it will exclude certain people
So how do you create something that allows people to walk into it in a spirit of tolerance, openness, and transparency from all different directions? "5.
In the past season, the strafu music festival has staged "The Breath of the King", a new adaptation of Shakespeare's history.
The film, directed by Araya Mengesha, stars Henry V by Dora's nominated cousin Weyni Mengesha.
The family relationship itself is very significant, but the project is particularly important for Weyni, as it marks the first time that people of color have played King Shakespeare in this festival.
"For some people, they will experience me as Hal," he said . ".
"It will be their first experience with these plays of Shakespeare.
I am very excited about this. . .
I never grew up like this. "4.
Lauren brefner, Vancouver: "My whole career is due to every painting she sells, all the honors she gets --
According to Lauren brefner, her entire career has been attributed to Instagram.
We met the artist during a visit to her Vancouver studio in February, where she created lush fantasy portraits with paint, golden leaves and Japanese paper.
The complete self of brefnertaught.
As anyone with thousands of student debt knows, the expensive art school
It's too expensive for Brevner, "it's not even an option.
So after apprenticeship with Japanese designer Sin Nakayamal, she started her DIY education and turned to books and Google to learn everything she knew.
The biggest lesson of her journey so far is: "There is no way to achieve any success.
But in her case, she said, "the best way to learn is to do it.
"Get to know Lauren brefner, the new royal family video artist at Stratford:" My entire career is due to instagramvideo ob . ". C.
The photography duo, our wilderness, gave up a home address to record their lives on instagram3.
These artists will never
End the road trip and they are famous for Instagram as it goes on the road trip with Kyla Tretheway and Jillian Mannk. a.
We abandoned it crazy.
From B. C.
The highway is now their home, and thanks to a featured spot on Instagram, their audience has grown to over 133,000 fans --
Track fans of their adventures across North America.
Full travel-
Time is a fantasy for some people, but it is also a completetime job.
In this article, they share some of the challenges that life brings (and working)
A camper, including a 2015 accident that was almost full of their van
Their dreams. 2.
Even for the Prince, life is not perfect. what if Prince Charming becomes a dead father?
Or did Cinderella change beer goggles with glass slippers?
Dina Goldstein in Vancouver is known for her broken fairy tale photos
Whether it's religion, advertising, or bedtime stories, these pictures subvert the idea of a happy ending.
In this video, she invited us to shoot for her latest project "modern girl.
The photographer's video shows that adulthood is not always made up of dreams. . .
Even for the doll of Princess byessesvideo omarina Bychkova, you can look for light in the cracks that look back at mainstream culture: Musician Rae Spoon in the turbulent 20161.
These dolls are far away from Barbie and you can watch this video and you will be fascinated by the handmade dolls of Marina bicicova --
But you will also be disturbed.
As she said in the article, "dolls have great potential in exploring the theme of social justice.
"Disease, abuse, sex: Look closely and you will find that these delicate fantasy objects are facing you with some cruel facts about humanity.
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