how to avoid a ticket for 'talking and driving' - wireless bluetooth speakerphone

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how to avoid a ticket for \'talking and driving\'  -  wireless bluetooth speakerphone
(AOL Autos)--
Law enforcement officers in six states can now give you a ticket to talk with a mobile phone while driving, so that
The free device you should use for your phone will be your best friend.
The reason you might need to start wearing that weird Bluetooth-
The integrated headset is actually amazing and sobering.
According to the National Highway Transport Safety Administration, distracted drivers can cause 80% of road accidents.
In fact, a recent study by the California Institute of Public Policy suggests
Free laws can save the lives of 300 people in California every year, and if similar laws are enacted in all states, thousands may be saved.
"I wouldn't be surprised if more states enacted laws like the new California law," said Elliot Davick, editor of The MyRide celebrity car parade.
According to a recent survey, 70% think driving and mobile phones are two different things.
However, only 23% of respondents said they did not speak or text while driving.
So far, six states have been enacted across the state.
Free laws and positive actions in 20 States
Free legal legislation on books.
"Of course I don't want to see people texting or talking on the road," Darvick said . ".
"I 'd rather they put their hands on the steering wheel.
AOL car: the safest car
Free laws of the states of July 1
Free laws in California and Washington are in effect, with a total of six states (
And Washington, D. C)
Executable handfree laws.
In addition, many states have enacted similar laws in some areas, and some states are actively involved.
Free legislation.
The following are the states: California, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Utah, Washington, D. C. C. and Washington.
States that enact laws according to jurisdiction (
Most of these states also have active states.
Extensive legislation)
They are Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
States with active legislation include Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, LoAnna, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, South Carolina state, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin.
To a state near you?
Although the guidelines below specifically address the new California law, this may be a preview of the future of other states.
California Highway Patrol (CHP)
Published a "wireless phone Legal FAQ" outlining the driver's compliance with the requirements in hand
Free driving laws in California.
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Drivers are prohibited by law from using handheld wireless calls (cell)
Use a mobile phone when operating a car.
However, you can make emergency calls to law enforcement agencies, medical institutions, fire departments or other emergency services. 2)
The weird thing is that you might call your phone while driving, but you can't talk with your phone. 3)
If officials think you're distracted and don't drive safely, you can fine text messages. 4)
If you use Bluetooth or other headphones while driving, you can't cover both ears at the same time.
Top 5 most popular cars
Drivers under the age of 18 cannot even use any wireless devices while driving
Free devices such as headphones.
In an emergency, however, young drivers can use wireless devices. 6)
If convicted of speaking while driving, the subsequent conviction will be fined $20 and $50. 7)
If convicted, there will be no points on your driver's license, but the violation will appear on your driving record. 8)
Passengers cannot be ticketed by telephone. 9)Push-to-
Talk functions can only be used by commercial car or tractor operators.
How to comply, how do you comply?
From buying a new car with a factory
Bluetooth technology is installed to install after-sales wireless products on wireless headphones, completely avoiding the use of mobile phones when driving.
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Free driver: no flowers--
Either do not speak when driving completely or use the speaker of the phone.
Most of these micro speakers, however, do not provide enough volume to cover up car and road noise, allowing drivers to hold their phones up to their ears.
According to the hand-
This is illegal.
Also, some drivers are turning to the wired headphones that most manufacturers come with on their phones.
AOL car: the best choice for used luxury cars on eardrum-
Although some people don't feel comfortable with headphones, or are too strange, Bluetooth-
Enabling headphones is one of the best ways to drive and talk.
Plantrooper has made some of the most affordable headphones with good sound quality, like a smooth new Discovery 925 ($149. 95), the modestly-
Special Voyager 520 ($99. 95)
And military class Explorer 370 ($79. 95).
For those in designer clothing, the chin ($129. 99)
Looks like a piece of art and is as good as it looks.
Do you want headphones? --
Wireless speakers and aftermarket
The installed voice recognition system is mature. Paris-
A few years ago, when most European countries enacted manual systems, parrots began to manufacture them. free laws.
Mini set of parrot ($89)
Clipped to your sun visor is basically a mobile speaker, while Parrot's pluggable PMK5800 kit ($119. 99)
Highlight from your car cigarette lighter and have some speech recognition features.
There are many other Bluetooth devices in Parrot.
Integrated Products installed by professionals and done in the factory-
When you receive a call, the installed system can automatically turn down the volume of your car.
Bluetooth base--
Like any new technology, there is a slope --
It's time to use wireless technology and feel comfortable. products.
Don't be too upset when you don't know how to sync your phone and new headphones.
Calling technical support is sometimes better when you need help than reading the manual.
In addition, many old phones do not integrate with Bluetooth and do not have internal software to upload important data like address book.
So, you may want to upgrade your phone before you buy a new mobile wireless device.
IPhone users should be careful: While you can perform basic functions easily, Bluetooth doesn't seem to be super compatible.
Ford's answer: there were only luxury cars like Mercedes before.
Made by Mercedes or Jaguar
Speech recognition system.
Now, with Ford's SYNC system, most consumers can afford the $395 price tag for this hi-tech option.
With the support of Microsoft, SYNC is a voice
Communication and entertainment systems.
2007 was rated as a popular mechanic No.
Ford's SYNC also offers four of the best gadgets "--
Free call options so far.
The system is fairly simple to use and allows drivers to bring their digital media players, MP3 players and Bluetooth-
Bring the mobile phone into the vehicle and operate these devices via voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel and radio controller.
Is SYNC really working?
We recently tested first generation SYNC on 2008 Ford Focus and second generation SYNC on Ford's cool new Flex CUV.
We found that SYNC does have its drawbacks because only certain MP3 players and phones are fully compatible with the software for SYNC.
On 2008 Ford Focus, for example, we can call from Palm Treo or Apple iPhone, but the system does not automatically upload contacts or music files.
Moreover, it does take some time to adapt to the voice command system.
Ford Flex looks like a limo-
Like dreaming, we find that there are a lot more users in the next generation of syncing --
Friendly digital display and simple-to-
Use voice commands.
If you have a compatible phone, SYNC can even translate and send your text messages via the system's electronic voice!
While Ford's exclusive contract with Microsoft is due to end this year, Ford has been the first automaker to implement syncing.
This means that there may be more car manufacturers using SYNC-
Like the software system after 2009 model years.
The solution for GM is to provide hands-on operation.
Free calls through its OnStar subscription system.
General Motors says about 1 million 2009 vehicles will be equipped with voice equipment this year.
Activate Bluetooth integration using the vehicle speaker system.
Now that you know the law and have the option to comply, are you still confused?
Well, like we 've been warned for decades to drink and drive, it seems like it's time to change your habits and not talk while driving.
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