wireless speakers let music roam free - wireless bluetooth portable speaker system

by:Bodio Electronic     2020-03-24
wireless speakers let music roam free  -  wireless bluetooth portable speaker system
You may have noticed a large number of new wireless audio speakers on the market, many of which are sold in multiples and placed throughout the house.
It's not entirely about feature and Audio Science for speaker companies: their top priority is to sell you five or six speakers at a time.
Your priority should be to find out what you want from the music.
I am a music critic who travels a lot and listens to some live music, but I don't want the recorded music, especially the equipment that plays the music, to gain a foothold in me. (
I want to play it instead of the other way around. )
I am skeptical of the speakers of the size of the small monument.
I think children listening to music through their mobile phone or laptop speakers express their true use of music in their lives.
I am used to the sound better than this.
But my basic attitude towards the new audio device is modesty.
So I understand what I don't want.
But what do I want?
For the record, wireless speakers
Unless we're talking about smaller, portableby-
Bluetooth design
Enable type that can perform battery operation like the Jambox of Jawbone or the new packaging model of Grain Audio-
Not really Wireless.
Options for fuller sound-
The kind I'm looking.
Need to be plugged into the wall.
Nevertheless, they still do not need wires to connect the source of the music, thus creating a permanent state of the wire pasta.
The simplicity and reduced size of many new wireless speakers make sense to me.
They move the body and the boss mechanically easily, usually with simple controls on smartphones.
I like to move my speakers to another place when I think about it, or expel them from my sight.
This is reasonable for wireless speakers, especially for smaller ones.
Multi-room wireless system, you can install speakers in any number of rooms, bring different problems.
Until recently, I saw only three uses for them.
One of them is becoming a family dictator. (
Now we will listen to my rejection in different rooms.
A year's record. )
The other is to help listen to the podcast so you don't forget where you are in someone's run --
When you move from the living room to the kitchen, one sentence.
The third is to help you imagine that you live in a department store where your dynamic shopping experience becomes more elegant with a full soundtrack.
But my family and I have just moved and I have been fundamentally rethinking the audio issue.
Maybe more than I thought.
My reflection really started when I got the wireless Sonos speakers.
The company's speakers have been popular since 2009, when it launched what is now called a game: 5 speakers: $400, about 8 inch by 14 inch, a rectangle on the long end.
To use the speaker, insert the Bridge Assembly of the company (roughly $50)
Enter your router or Mac AirPort Express.
This transmits the wireless signal to the speaker.
You put the speakers where you want them at home and download the Sonos app to your various smartphones or computers.
Each device has the option of selecting the speakers to play and drawing music from the same music family. (
If you have a premium subscription from Spotify, it can be played from iTunes and several other music services, including Spotify, the popular streaming service. )
When you listen through iTunes, all the different iTunes libraries in the House are combined into a large Sonos library for effective and elegant graphic display with dark colors-Blue background.
You don't need to see a bigger library, but you can.
My kids may not choose to listen to content outside of their own iTunes collection, but they can easily get a home collection like a public record rack. Good.
The latest Sonos model is Play: 1 ($200)
Launched in October.
Smaller and lighter than Play: 5 or intermediate Play: 3 ($300).
Game: 1 sit vertically, six and a half inches high, rounded edge, looks like a wide-Mason jar mouth
It sounds almost unreasonable to enrich, far more than its size.
I work in a room about 10 feet by 20;
The speaker was there to make the music lively and there was depth and space between the parts.
I am surprised to tell you that I am not sure if I need more than one room per room.
For larger spaces, 5 has the same clarity and depth, but the power is greater.
Some people may want to try the surround sound.
Sound and combine different models in one room.
But really, don't underestimate 1.
Samsung has its own multi-room wireless system against Sonos: M7 in shape for $360 with wedges
The same shape speaker as Sonos's Play: 5 and its own central radio station, can be connected to your router, called a hub, for about $50.
Not the same.
The app is only available for download to Android or iOS devices. (
If one of your main links to music is PC, then you're out of luck. )
There is a small but big delay between selecting a song and hearing it from the speaker, which I have not experienced in the Sonos system. The sound? It’s fine. But not great.
People who don't have much experience listening to music with the right speakers at home may like it, especially if that person already has a Samsung phone.
The ears are old, and there may be no impression.
Then there are speakers from Korus who work on a system that is simpler but more problematic in some ways.
If you plug a wireless device called a baton into a computer or mobile phone, it becomes an antenna for the speaker.
The manual says that the range of the baton is 65 feet;
I put a speaker on the other end of our apartment, maybe 40 feet away from the winding corridor, and heard the same sound quality as the speaker 5 feet away from the baton.
Special Portable Speaker: Wedge-
Shape, round handle on the back, so you can hold one like a lunch box.
No router needs trouble.
They can be plugged in or powered with six D batteries.
Travel by car, hotel, beach.
There is only one smartphone and one such phone.
There is no public library here. (
In addition to a simple volume control app, up to four different speakers can be downloaded. )
You don't get direct feedback from any app.
What's coming out of your computer?
Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and more
Will be heard on the speaker.
Once, in Korus V400 (
About $350, Speaker area of about 11 inch by 6)
I was listening to Spotify's Paul Bley record and noticed the presence of Charlie Harden bass, but the whole music lacked depth and I suddenly heard an empty video --
The ads on the page I opened, the Audio Fidelity is roughly the same.
I'm in Korus V600 ($450)
, It's half larger and tries to compare the larger Korus to Sonos Play: 1 using different types of audio
Test music: Miles Davis and Jill Evans's "Spanish sketch", Nirvana's "never mind", photographer Ta Kilkenny played in Bach's "Fugue Art.
"With the larger Korus, I have only got the representative of largeness;
From Sonos I felt the actual physical space that musicians were playing.
Sonos Play: 1 experience of the depth and detail of the music and the lack of fuss in delivering the music is my desire for my family.
My desire for my family is my desire for myself.
Now I know what I want.
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